Our Story

Learning, just like life, is animated by curiosity, passion, and good conversation. Great teachers awaken students’ imagination and intellect by modeling these elements of a well-lived life in their daily profession, exhorting students to grow. Great books aid the process.

Textbooks should do the same. Yet students often greet them with resistance, complaining about their dry tone, lack of narrative interest, and high prices. Our mission is to create books so readable and relatable that students won’t want to put them down.

Our team promotes the work of inspirational teachers so that students can become more curious and exuberant learners, leading to greater commitment to intellectual growth and subject mastery. We have received funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Kauffman Foundation, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners and our first four books are being used in 350+ colleges and universities in North America.

Our Team

Become a Flip Author

We are accepting proposals for books directed to undergraduates that utilize a clear, authentic, and/or inspirational voice that is often discouraged in traditional scholarship and mainstream textbooks. This summer, we are accepting proposals for 3-5 new books written by teaching award winners who are interested in impacting students through a topic and/or argument that is fresh, compelling, and even urgent at the 100-400 course level. To propose a book development project, please fill out this template.

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Our Commitment to Authors

Flip Learning offers highly competitive royalty rates and payment advances, as well as talented and supportive editorial, digital media and sales and marketing teams to ensure project success and author satisfaction. As a boutique publisher, we create all of our own digital media in-house, and our podcasts, animations, videos, and interactive graphics are designed to supplement our authors’ written narratives and align with the six levels of cognitive learning outlined in Bloom’s Taxonomy. Our goal is to become a nationally recognized leader in the publication of clear, compelling, page-turning books for undergraduate students. I hope you will consider joining us in this effort.