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Exciting and critically important books for undergraduate students written by distinguished teaching award winners with fresh, clear, and distinctive voices.

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“Page-turning” books for undergraduate students authored by active scholars who have received formal recognition for undergraduate teaching excellence.

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Our current authors are accomplished scholars who have maintained a passionate commitment to undergraduate education while also making unique contributions as public educators and intellectuals.

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Ira Allen, Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Media Studies at Northern Arizona University

[Squeeze the Sponge] is a genuinely unique and wonderful text. It combines the intensely readable personal touch of the how-to writing handbook with the no-nonsense nuts-and-bolts of the freshman composition textbook. I enjoyed reading it and suspect most students will as well, and was struck throughout by the author’s powerful, consistently engaging voice: This is a composition textbook that is actually fun to read!

William C. Davis, author of Crucible of Command: Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee-The War They Fought, the Peace They Forged

No other recent work has so mastered the content and contributions of the best historians of our time, and distilled it into a work that is at once comprehensive and yet manageable. In their graceful words, Gallagher and Waugh offer the full context of the war’s coming, its course at home and in the field, and its consequences, both as it happened and as Americans chose to remember it. [The American War] is easily the best one-volume assessment of the Civil War era to date.

Amazon reviewer

This is a great book, a very generous sharing, a perfectly named book, The Knowledge: Where Poems Come From and How to Write Them. That’s a lot to promise; David Kirby delivers on the deal. The happiest discovery is that, in addition to the how-to of poetry, The Knowledge is a great artist’s guide to self-knowing, shows the reader the gateway to his/her own creativity, regardless of whether you want to be a poet, or explore other ways of pondering and expressing. If you’re looking for your lost or undiscovered imagination, read The Knowkedge. The moving finger writes, and having written, points the way to others.

Dr. Jason Edward Black, Chair and Professor of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina–Charlotte

[Public Speaking in the 21st Century] is smart, engaging, irreverent, and funny – abounding with the requisite treatments of traditional public speaking and classical rhetoric, while absolutely electric with pop cultural examples from the 80s and 90s to the 2000s and today.

Emily Anzicek, Basic Course Director and Lecturer at BGSU

Flip Learning was a breath of fresh air…The text is accessible to students and many comment on actually enjoying the reading.

Elena Pachita, Ph.D. Student & Public Speaking Instructor at BGSU

The customizable features have been key to our success. There is uniformity in explanations of major assignments thanks to the video feature. We also have featured speakers from our annual public speaking contest represented in examples of quality speeches. This personalizes the text and connects students to the work.

Elizabeth Nelson, Teaching Associate Professor & Comm 110 Director at NCSU

When it comes to my personal interactions with the Flip Learning team, my questions and concerns were immediately taken care of by members of the team.

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