Chapter 12: Seeing and Hearing the Magic

“The principles that we’ve highlighted and explained in Public Speaking in the 21st Century provide you with a template for thinking strategically and intelligently about your speechmaking. In saying as much, we’d remind you that a shiny new Lamborghini and an old clunky Ford share four wheels and a combustion engine. In other words, crafting the eloquent, the exquisite, the beautiful and the sublime are possible only once you’ve carefully grasped the foundations. And those foundations will often lead speakers in different directions. A ‘paint-by-the-numbers’ approach to public speaking greatness simply doesn’t exist. And despite Plato and Aristotle’s search, it never will. But those moments of insight, those flashes of brilliance, those bursts of creative energy, facilitate the magic of invention—the elusive magic that Gorgias glimpsed and described more than 2,400 years ago, and the same magic that animates our public discourse in a Democratic society.”