“The act of playing a character was really fun–it sort of made all the repetitiveness of everyday life and everyday classroom experiences go away, while still allowing me to learn in-depth about a culture that's pretty different from my own. I would tell students to definitely try a Flip Learning textbook and simulation, especially if they find that traditional lecture/exam teaching methods don't really inspire them to learn more.”

Undergraduate Student- Western Michigan University

"Public Speaking in the 21st Century is the most innovative textbook on the subject yet and also provides the only interactive teaching platform.  Instructors will appreciate the ready-made textbook with all visuals, exercises, interactive teaching possibilities, and myriad assessment applications at their fingertips."

Amos Kiewe, Professor of Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Syracuse University

"Public Speaking in the 21st Century is fresh; definitely distinct from all of the books I've seen ... [and] shows great respect for students and a keen investment in their success."

Dr. Julia Wood, Lineberger Professor of Humanities Emerita, The University of North Carolina

"Public Speaking in the 21st Century is smart, engaging, irreverent, and funny – abounding with the requisite treatments of traditional public speaking and classical rhetoric, while absolutely electric with pop cultural examples ... I have never accessed classroom material that is this original and animated and fresh; never before have I wanted to 'Facebook quote' lines from a scholarly source!"

Dr. Jason Edward Black, Associate Professor of Rhetoric & Public Discourse, The University of Alabama

"Too many public speaking textbooks are stuck in the sediment of another age; thankfully, Davis Houck entices students to see the most quotidian of arts with new eyes, a vision made more engaging by Houck's incisive, gentle wisdom and spot-on sense of humor, and by Flip Learning's intuitive, engaging, and thoroughly student-centered learning platform."

Dr. Jeffrey Kurtz, Associate Professor of Communication, Denison University

"The animated introductions to philosophers and other material are a technical innovation that is educational as well as entertaining.  The use of this kind of technology is engaging and provides a nice rationale for why an instructor might want to abandon their current textbook and embrace this one."

Dr. Craig Smith, Director of The Center for First Amendment Studies, California State University, Long Beach

“This experience brings printed words to life, and by doing so, actively engages the student.”

Kimberly Robillard, Secondary Instructor Student, Hope College

“This was much more involved than simply reading the book.”

John Rebhan Student, Hope College

“Wow! I think this is an awesome learning experience for my students.”

Anne Brinson Instructor, Penn State University

“I think I comprehended the material a lot more by being able to change it.”

Undergraduate Student Penn State University

“I loved the hands on approach.”

Michael Brown, Secondary Instructor Virginia Beach Public Schools

“I was surprised at how involved everyone got into playing his or her character, and overall I will remember the information from the course better because it reinforced it and applied it to life.”

Undergraduate Student Penn State University

“Exciting and more fast paced than the normal classroom”

Dawn Garvey, Secondary Instructor Virginia Beach Public Schools

“One of the most intriguing features of the The American War: Featuring Valley Sim prototype are the avatars that allow students to think seriously about individuals in history. Instructors can use these avatars to humanize historical figures and enliven primary documents.”

Anonymous Reviewer

“Ten students dug into their avatar character’s relevant primary sources in a way and to a degree that would have been highly unlikely had they just been given stacks of copies of primary sources.” Pilot Reviewer UNC at Chapel Hill

Pilot Reviewer- UNC at Chapel Hill

"Public Speaking in the 21st Century distinguishes itself among existing textbooks through its born digital format, as well as its fresh and riveting content.  Houck celebrates the wells of life experience that each reader brings to the public speaking encounter, fostering connections to them through humor and an array of engaging examples borrowed from history, sports, politics, popular culture, and his own twenty-five years of teaching speech."